Jumping into bed with lots of barbers

Men are using lots of different barbers, why?


1) Male barbering is back. No more shaggy dog look; men are looking to tidy themselves up. We live in a wild time where barbershops are in abundance. Our lives have become more ‘on-demand’, take app-dating apps as an example; you get a match, she’s around tonight, your hair is scruffy AF, you need a cut right now. Do you get on the underground to go and see Dave who cut your dads hair for the last 10 years, or do you find a quality barber near you and shape up last minute. If you chose the former then it’s likely the underground will have delays and you will miss your date. Choose responsibly.

2) The more barbershops there are, the more locations we can be in and get a quality cut. We are no longer confined and can be city explorers in the knowledge that if we need a cut, for whatever reason, we can get one. So explore, Christopher, Craig, Cameron, Carlos, Charlie, Clive, Columbus.

3) Modern day barbering is about receiving a service above and beyond the cut. It’s the welcome, the leather chair, the smell of wax, the wooden floor, the sound of razors. Barbershops are getting so good at providing a comfortable atmosphere that shaping up your look is becoming mens form of going to the spa. It’s increasingly not just about the cut, its about having a bit of time to relax and regain your testosterone.

 Get your Mojo back.

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