How to choose the best hairstyle for your face 

Although your hair only makes up a small proportion of a look, it can make the greatest impression. A poor decision in a barbershop can have disastrous consequences and it can take weeks to stop looking like a new-age member of Westlife. Picking a cut that doesn’t suit your skull is critical and, crucially, very avoidable. So with a little preparation and some tips from a few trusted Mojo barbers let’s get it right.
So what face have you got…
The Rugby ball — Jake Gyllenhaal
Everything is in proportion, from your forehead and cheekbones to your jaw. Your face is a bit longer than it is wide. This is one of the most common faces around, so especially important that you give your hair a bit of extra groove.
Hair: we suggest you don’t go to the clippers. The shorter the hair on your sides, the longer your face will look. This face goes well with the classic Hugh Grant look. If you have flowing hair then let it roll. Make sure to keep it under control with some products and keep between 3–5 inches (no rulers required). If your hair just doesn’t wave, its ok, you can grown that straight hair out but make sure your barber adds texture to it and get the products working.
The Square — Henry Cavill
Your face is as long as it is wide, and it looks strong. Your jaw is angular and the sides of your face go straight downwards.
Hair: short back and sides (faded or clean lines) to accentuate your jaw line. Keep a bit of length on top (2–3 inches) so you can keep some flow to your look and alternate between smooth, slick or scruffy.
Looking for a cut? 
The Round — Gerard Butler
Similar to the square shape as your face length and width are in proportion, but your features are less defined than the square faced guys.
Hair: so you can get a bit of length on that face you need to keep the sides down, and the top up. Short back and sides or a clean fade, and keep a high top. This can be done with a hairdryer and product giving you a modern pompadour effect.
The Triangle — Brad Pitt
Your jaw line protrudes wider than your cheekbones and forehead. This look is powerful.
Hair: you need volume on top or it will look like you have a small top third in comparison to your face. Keep a couple of inches all over and add texture to soften the back and sides. If you have bushy hair don’t be afraid to grow it nice and thick.
The Diamond — Johnny Depp
You are the same species as the triangle guys. You have angular features and a slim face. The widest part of your face are the cheekbones, destined for an ASOS modelling campaign.
Hair: a scissor cut goes best as you don’t want to add too many sharp elements to your look — the cheekbones already give you that. Bring the top of your hair forward giving you a fringe and keep it medium-length (5–6 inches) on top. Make sure your barber takes volume out of your hair by thinning it.
That’s all gents. If you don’t think your face fits any of these styles then let us know, we will happily get one of our barbers to give you a suggestion. If you’re looking for a cut, Mojo have put London’s best barbers in an app for you to conveniently book.

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