Killer Office Grooming Tips

As we plunge further into the depths of 21st century depravity with the tiny-handed Pumpkinführer in control of the free-world and the prospect of a thirteenth season of Keeping Up with the Kardashians – humanity has never felt more bleak. So hopefully the superficial nature of the following statement shouldn’t come as much of a surprise.

Your physical appearance not only affects how attractive others find you, but also how professional others view you.


So here are some tips on how to Stay Sharp and get ahead at work:

1. Master your scent

Men tend to fall into two categories when it comes to their musk: too much or too little. The simplest daily routine but arguably the most butchered. There is no excuse for smelling like Johnny Vegas after a lamb bhuna nor a pimple-ridden teen upon discovery Lynx Africa. Pair your cologne (I highly recommend Acqua di Parma) with a scentless deodorant to avoid clashing scents or overkill. One hit on each side of your neck will do. Leave spraying wrists and other pulse points to the ladies.


2.  Maintain your hair & facial hair

Like a cold one after a shocking round of 18 – Mojo will always be here for you. Before booking a trim with one of our barbers, it is vital to research what look you’re going for (refer here for advice). Preparation and communicating effectively with your barber will make all the difference. Successful maintenance is mostly dependent on your style but we recommend a shape up every 3-4 weeks and if you have a beard, beard trims once a week.


3. Tailored solutions

Chaps there is no denying a suit or a sharp blazer can put us in a more professional mind-set. I appreciate that wearing a suit will come off too strong in a lot of industries (I’m writing this in black jeans and a Henley) so in any case focus on fit (sleek and close but not tight) and quality (good cashmere, fine wools or 100% cotton). Make sure your shirts are ironed or pressed and if you are wearing a suit or blazer – show some cuff. Wearing a high-quality dress shoe or nice watch can do the trick as well.


4. Tame any stray hair

Any hairs protruding from your nose, ears or unibrow are unacceptable. Invest in a versatile trimmer (I recommend this Braun) that can keep you looking groomed. Your hair should never be travelling into the collar of your shirt. It is difficult to trim the back of the neck properly, so you should have this done professionally. Also, trim any hairs on your ears, which can be done easily using an electric razor.


5. Dental Hygiene

A clean set of gnashers will definitely improve your appearance but if you whiten, make sure you don’t go Simon Cowell white. Marvis products are a huge Mojo favourite. What is more important is that your breath doesn’t smell – there is literally nothing worse. Many of our daily vices including coffee, cigarettes and alcohol can have a catastrophic impact on a first impression. Always make sure you’re always carrying mints.


Remember to check out Mojo for your next cut.

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