A short history of the “SuperBowl”

Mention the infamous “Bowl” haircut to a 90’s kid and you will get a reaction. A smile, a laugh, a grimace, an eyeroll – there is no doubt the “SuperBowl”  has made an indelible mark on an entire generation. It’s disgustingly relatable. Whether you are a first-hand victim or one of lucky ones to escape, we all have a loved one that has been directly effected by The Bowl – desperately trying to forget, but constantly reminded by a lifetime of Kafkaesque pictures and memories. The Bowl seems to elicit an emotional response in a way that few other haircuts can, but where did this monstrosity come from?

1200 – 1500’s Europe:

The Bowl first became popular among European men from the 12th through the 15th centuries – simply because it was the easiest style to recreate. It was a plain short haircut, with straight bangs on the forehead, and the rest of the hair left the same length all the way around. The cut got its name unwittingly because it was originally done by actually placing a bowl on the head as a cutting guide – go figure. Most medieval men who wore The Bowl also shaved the backs of their heads and shaved their sideburns.


1920’s Soviet Union:

Unfortunately The Bowl’s popularity within the Soviet Union during the 1920’s was not born out of choice, but necessity. It became popular among the common people due to poverty, it was seen as an easy and relatively neat cut by a non-professional. Once again, it was done by putting a cooking pot of a fit size to the level of the ears, and all hair below the rim was cut or shaved off. It signified that the wearer could not afford to visit a barber. Luckily, nowadays we have Mojo to find you a great cut at any price ;).


1960’s Beatlemania:

By late 1962, The Bowl was firmly established as an easily-recognisable part of the Beatles joint persona. In an early explanation as to the origin of the Beatles Bowl, George was quoted as saying that he came out of the swimming baths one day, his hair had fallen down over his forehead, and he just left it that way. The band quickly got used to being referred to as “the four moptops” by the British press and when they first came to America in February of 1964, TIME magazine referred to their hair as “mushroom haircuts.” Besides the obvious Beatles wigs, the Fab Four also spawned Beatle hairbrushes, Beatle combs, and Beatle hairspray. Cheers guys.


1990’s Hollywood:

An abundance of cult blockbusters during the 90’s astonishingly saw several high-profile lead roles rock The Bowl. Jim Carey in Dumb and Dumber, Robin Williams in Hook and Matthew Lawrence in Mrs. Doubtfire to name a few. My theory is that it was all kicked off by Star Trek’s Spock earlier in the 80’s, but what happened next was a true Hollywood horror-story. All of a sudden, stay-at-home mum’s from London to Beijing were inspired to get out their porcelain pudding basins and take the dignity of an entire generation. It was a massacre of middle-class sensibility that would shape the young lives of millions.

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