How to get the perfect Haircut for Valentine’s Day

No matter how much you despise the looming presence of 14th February – it is a day to impress. Whether you’re wining and dining ‘the one’ with some despicably overpriced hors d’oeuvres or demonstrating how you can take vodka shots through your eyes at 3am in Stringfellows.

Single or not, here are five style tips to make sure your barnet is on point this Valentine’s Day:

What: The Textured Undercut

This is without a doubt the look of 2017. It’s officially time to unleash the classic undercut and show some edge. The good news is the textured undercut is versatile so there is almost definitely a style to fit your look – whether you have natural waves for the puffy undercut, shorter hair for the forward-swept undercut or Afro hair for the tighter midfade undercut.



An easy way to achieve this style is to have your barber clipper your hair short on the sides and back of your head, fading into longer hair on the top that’s point-cut with scissors for an uneven, nicely textured look. Just to be safe, bring in a picture of someone who has nailed your desired version of this look.

What: The Modern Pompadour

The essence of a decent quiff is all in the texture and length; an effortless look to maintain once you’ve got a bit of hair to play with and some quality products (we highly recommend Layrite). As the most popular of all variants, the short quiff, textured or messy has reigned supreme over the last year and has been seen on the likes of Zayn Malik and, of course, Sir David Beckham.



Firstly, be patient and wait for the necessary length on top. Then apply a smidge of hair putty or clay (both great for adding texture) to wet hair, and simply comb the product through your hair in the direction you’d like your quiff to take. From there, blow dry your hair upwards to add volume using a cylinder brush for maximum height.

What: Shaggy Locks

Pin it on Kit Harington’s turn as long-locked Jon Snow in Games of Thrones or Dev Patel’s BAFTA-winning lead in Lion, but shaggy hair that almost hits your shoulders is back in. As men become more adept at using tools and products, we expect to see an increase in more complicated, longer styles. It helps if you’ve got a thick head of healthy hair and a straight brow – if not you’re at risk of looking fairly dishevelled.



Grow it out and layer it. This is not a job for your average barber, definitely use a Mojo-vetted expert for this look. If you’ve got naturally curly or quite wavy hair, do not blow dry it after washing – it will only frizz up. Instead, towel-dry vigorously and when it’s still damp, apply a pomade or a mousse by scrunching in with your hands. This will help moisturise the ends, but also give the hair some shine.

What: Buzzed Skin Fade

An old classic that is firmly back in. This is not an easy look to pull off and there is one major requirement. You must have a nicely shaped head. End of. If you have a tiny forehead, any weird lumps or deformities you will be cruelly exposed and run the risk of looking like a slightly less wrinkled E.T. The good news is the textured fade is becoming more common and doesn’t have to be as short. Try some length on top and pairing it with a well-groomed beard.



Head to a Mojo barber! Go with a picture in hand to identify the desired length on top and they will fade it in just right.

What: Colour on Top

Definitely the most daring of men’s hairstyle trends this year, but coloured hair is paying off for those that take the risk. Pastel shades are definitely coming in fashion-wise, but colouring is perhaps a touch limited to the likes of pop-stars, celebs, students and the self-employed. Unfortunately, I can’t see it kicking off in Canary Wharf.



There are two options: head to a quality men’s salon on Mojo or get your colour straight from the bottle. We recommend the former.


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