5 Hair Tips to Help You Start Spring Off Right

We might be jumping the gun on an early Spring but it’s better to be prepared. Despite Doris dampening our typically premature and gloriously British enthusiasm for warmer weather – a few pleasant days this month have given us faint cause for optimism.

But before you go ahead and dive headlong into the new season, you’re going to need to reassess a few things – particularly when it comes to your haircut. You see, now the London climate’s on the upswing, the routine that got you through the depths of winter simply isn’t going to cut it. A different set of conditions will naturally call for a different set of steps to keep your hair looking in top shape. That’s where we come in, with a handful of hair tips to ensure you get a fresh start heading into Spring.

You can thank us later.

1. Trim Away Winter


The same way that winter’s been harsh on your skin, it’s also done a number on your hair – that goes double if your locks fall on the longer end of the spectrum. Which is why it’s a decent idea to refresh your look with Mojo as spring rolls around, snipping off burnt-out bits and split ends. If you’re in need of some inspiration check out THIS previous post. Also, a slightly shorter lid won’t get nearly as sweaty when it starts to actually warm up.

2. Shop For a Lighter Shampoo


Using “nourishing” shampoos during the cold months is essential, and minimises the appearance of the eternal enemy dandruff. However, while these moisture-intensive options may have kept things status quo during the winter, they will be overkill as we head into spring, with its increased humidity. It’s time to swap them out for their “clarifying” counterparts, like this Malin + Goetz Peppermint Shampoo, which will clean hair without adding excess moisture.

3. The Same Goes For Conditioners


Look out for the words – weightless, light, clean – when picking out your conditioner for spring. This conditioner from Triumph & Disaster checks all those boxes.

4. Turn Up the Heat


Unless you’re rocking nice curls in a relaxed style, you must to invest in a good blow dryer. The best way to get movie-star-quality hair is with heat. Besides making it easier to apply product, a bit of hot air will help to sculpt and tamp down frizz as the humidity starts to rise further in to spring.

5. Pick Up a Rain-Resistant Pomade


With all this talk of better weather, it’s easy to forget that spring isn’t all sunny days. Who are we kidding, it’s London, there’s definitely a good bit of rain ahead. So, to keep your style from getting washed out every time you get trapped in a deluge, go ahead and give something like Layrite’s Original Pomade a shot. It’s the waterproofing your look needs to make it through spring showers.


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