5 Best Haircuts to own this Spring

Spring is all about taking a fresh approach to your style and trying new things. So before you begin updating your wardrobe and dusting off that gym membership, here are the five haircuts that will compliment your Mojo when the sun starts to shine.

This year, it’s all about variations of the classics, adding relaxed texture to traditional style.

Textured Crop (Tom Hardy)


A spring classic that can rejuvenate your look. Perfect for the slightly more ‘mature’ gentleman as it can accentuate a good masculine bone structure and give the illusion of fine hair being thicker. If possible pair this cut with a light beard to avoid it looking bland. Try using L’Oreal’s Texture Dust for styling and Tree Ranger Beard Oil for the bristles.

Afro fade (John Legend)


Fades have been in and out of popularity in recent months but for Afro styles, John Legend’s new look is an all-time classic. A well executed mid-fade with slightly more length on top than styles of the past. Get this spring look right and you will have the support and structure to grow it out well. Stubble works well but a clean-shaven face will draw more attention to the lines. Try these Shea Moisture products to keep your hair hydrated.

Beard & buzz-cut (Jamie Dornan)


This dramatic look has taken Jamie Dornan from America’s favourite rom-com heartthrob/sociopath to a Hardy-esque badass with a serious edge. Nailing the right beard-to-hair ratio is crucial. Keep the shaved head military tidy and go for a mid-length, less manicured beard. A reminder to only attempt this look if you have a nicely shaped head and definitely go for it if you’re a guy who is starting to thin or recede on top, it’s a smart play. This is not a job for your average barber, definitely use a Mojo-vetted expert for this look.

Side Fringe (Oliver Cheshire)


The side fringe comes into its own around springtime and was extremely prominent during LFW. You might need to wait until the wind and rain subside slightly but when this fringe stays in place it’s a winner. This relaxed style suits a younger, more chiseled face (someone comfortable clean shaven) and can shorten a long face, or conceal a receding hairline. Try blowdrying forward using Murdock’s Sea Salt Spray for hold.

Toned down pompadour (Jon Kortajarena)


The essence of a decent quiff is all in the texture and length; an effortless look to maintain once you’ve got a bit of hair to play with and some quality products (we highly recommend Layrite). Unlike previous variants of the pompadour, this toned down version allows you to go messy and wild without much hassle. Once again using Murdock’s Sea Salt Spray for some extra lift and hold.

(Photos by Getty)

If you want any recommendations or advice on how to ask for these trims email us at hello@mojo.london




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