Met Gala 2017: Best Men’s Haircuts

The Met Gala, the Metropolitan Museum of Art’s annual fundraiser for its Costume Institute, last night played host to the world’s most famous people. One might say that the star-studded event is also host to one of the largest displays of “one-upmanship” in the fashion calendar. With this years “avant garde” dress code, we’ve picked the men who most impressed with their trims.

Nick Jonas – Buzz

Screen Shot 2017-05-02 at 3.04.41 PM

An old classic that is firmly back in this summer. This is not an easy look to pull off and there is one major requirement; a nicely shaped head. If you have a tiny forehead, any weird lumps or deformities you will be cruelly exposed and run the risk of looking like a slightly less wrinkled E.T. The good news is the textured fade is becoming more common and doesn’t have to be as short. Make sure to maintain and keep it clean.

A$AP Rocky – Man Braids

Screen Shot 2017-05-02 at 3.15.47 PM

It’s easy to understand just why A$AP Rocky seems to have a spring in his step at the moment, with news that he is dating Pepsi-gate starlet Kendall Jenner. His braids and stylish long hair have launched the hip-hop star into the world of international fashion. A$AP Rocky’s style can go by many names – dreads, man braids, cornrows and French braids – but asking your barber for one of these won’t necessarily get you the desire look. Instead, we highly recommend you show your stylist an exact picture of the style you want to try!

Roger Federer – Casual Quiff

Screen Shot 2017-05-02 at 3.03.27 PM

Roger Federer oozes class. Everything from that magical backhand, to his Rolex endorsement and Championship-embroidered jackets give of the sophisticated machismo that see’s him make our list. R Fed’s extremely casual quiff is all about the texture and length; an easy look to maintain once you’ve got a bit of hair to play with and some quality products (once again we highly recommend Layrite). Unlike previous variants of the pompadour, this extremely toned down version allows you to go messy and wild without much hassle. Just make sure to get your barber to tidy your sides and neckline every couple of weeks.

Hasan Minhaj – Modern Pompadour

Screen Shot 2017-05-02 at 3.04.30 PM

Last night, Hasan Minhaj’s stock rose even higher when he went AT the Trump administration in a passionate speech at the White House Correspondents Association Dinner. However, unlike the rest of the world, it was 31-year-old’s sumptuous barnet at the Met Gala that got us excited. This sharp variation of “The Modern Pompadour” is easily achieved with a bit of patience, gaining the necessary length on top, and a smidge of hair putty or clay. Add product to wet hair, and simply comb the product through your hair in the direction you’d like your quiff to take. From there, blow dry your hair upwards to add volume using a cylinder brush for maximum height.

Francesco Carrozini

Screen Shot 2017-05-02 at 3.16.10 PM

The impeccably Italian, Francesco Carrozini blew us away with this wonderful alternative to black tie and slicked-back hair. This Bradley Cooper-esque style is helped by a thick head of healthy hair and a straight brow – but can be achieved with a bit of layering (yes this is for men too), a blowdryer and the right products. Make sure to bend over and let your hair hang when blowdrying. Your hair might poof out into a giant afro, but don’t be dismayed, take a brush and comb your hair straight back on all sides. This will tamp it down just enough that when you put in your hair products, I would recommend using a decent pomade like Uppercut’s Deluxe Pomade and a light hair spray. 

Jaden Smith

Screen Shot 2017-05-02 at 3.24.17 PM

Just when the existence of Jaden Smith couldn’t seem any more bemusing after his recent announcement on Twitter that he will soon “Be Dropping A K Pop Single In The Next 4 Months,” Smith decided to carry his sheared-off dreadlocks on the red carpet in an apparent tribute to his sister Willow, who sadly couldn’t attend. His buzzed-off locks certainly look better in his hand that on his head, so we support this new look. Keep it up Jaden.


If you want any recommendations or advice on how to ask for these trims email us at


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