Barber shop with half-naked stylists becomes an instant hit

Have you ever pictured your barber naked?

Well, “Old Boy” barber shop in Kazakhstan has been getting a lot of attention recently. Using one of the oldest tricks in the book the owners decided to recruit a bevy of local beauties from Zebra, the local strip club, to commandeer their shop for a day.

The girls were clearly told to wear whatever they normally wear – and no previous barbering experience was required.

This advertising ploy has worked wonders, but perhaps will leave future customers perplexed when they arrive and are greeted by the shops bearded, male owner.


Barber shop hires strippers as barbers on Mojo lifestyle.png

Barber shop naked barbers on Mojo lifestyle.png

Old Boy Barber shop naked barbers on Mojo lifestyle.png

Originally posted in the Sun.


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