Too hot to sleep?

Get a haircut!

Your body is constantly producing heat, which you need to dump off in order to not overheat.  The more insulation you have around you, the more heat builds up. It’s the same principal as taking off your jumper when it’s hot, and I bet you’re not wearing a jumper right now.

Thick hair tends to trap a lot of air, which makes it a good insulator.  It also prevents air from circulating around your head, meaning there’s a higher chance of unwanted forehead sweat. So here are three options to help sort it;

Buy a fan like this one….

Mojo barber shop fan hat example.png

Shave it all off…(risk of sunburn?)

Bald Mojo man shaving head.png

Or you could book your next haircut on Mojo in a few taps…it’s your call.

London best barber shop.png

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