The real men’s fashion battle: the ankle

There is a collision of opinions over two micro-trends: to sock or not to sock?

Bare ankles have been a favourite in the summer months ever since the Dolce & Gabbana catwalk in 2015. The look has been perfected by Italian men gliding through hill-top villages on a Vespa.

This look is traditionally worn with a deck shoe, loafers or desert boots and a fresh pair of hitched-up chinos.

Male street style on Mojo.jpg

Now the collision: the statement sock. We walk past them in the shops, shunning them until Christmas presents beckon. But they are having a resurgence and we thought you deserved to know. Colourful socks are becoming the male statement piece of the summer – we’re not saying do a complete overhaul and throw out your black & grey socks, but you could try a half-way sock like below;

Mens Street Style Socks

Before going full pastel with these guys

pastel colour mens socks.jpg

Photos: Pinterest


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